To provide natural products of the highest quality together with science and technology through constant innovation to anticipate the health necessities of every person in the whole world. To generate an over all wellbeing of  health, personal development, professional relationships, and the  commitment to our partners to attain their dreams of financial freedom. To provide general wellness and to get involved in the development of  the community to exceed the financial objectives and increase advancement of our partners.


To be the largest company worldwide to obtain that major level as a health alternative (with the Trophic Factors). To be financially  successful (a company that will reach the trillion dollar mark) and most of all to help and serve humanity. We will accomplish this vision not single-handedly but together and through teamwork with our partners.

Neurolife USA Research was established January 25, 2016. Twenty eight years in the making, but in all this time, it was already in the mind of its Founder and CEO Carlos Castillo. While  he was a  third year student of medicine at the University of El Salvador, during that period he was under great teachers and was  being educated by excellent professors who were doctors by profession, such as Dr. Letona (RIP), Dr. Heriberto Lucha, Dra. Martinez (RIP) who was the Chief of BioChemistry Department and Dra. Toruno de Escobar, each one, head of the faculty of medicine at the University of El Salvador. They were eminent doctors and mentors of his who taught him during that time.  Carlos Castillo was still a student of medicine then studying subjects in Anatomy, BioChemistry, Physiology and Pharmacology. Carlos Castillo had already started learning and studying about the marvelous molecules of the Trophic Factors. He was beginning to learn that millions of people have developed and were getting afflicted with Dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimers’s and other diseases of the Nervous System. At that time there were still existing dogmas in respect to the Nervous System which said : that fully adult developed mature neurons cannot multiply and regenerate but the study of these Trophic Factors refutes that and it shows that Neurogenesis and Neuronal Neuroplasticity is possible. For that era, that was ultimately revolutionary but there were no sufficient studies and researches to prove such, but the student Carlos Castillo believed in the act of research studies of the late Dr. Rita Levi Montalcini, a doctor specialist of Neurology originally from Turin, Italy. She was drawing close to the promise that these molecules would attain Neuroplasticity and this discovery truly revolutionized and really enhanced the important functions of the Nervous system.

Dr.Rita Levi Montalcini won the Nobel Prize in the year 1986.


Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo migrated to the United States of America in 2004, during which he was already a medical intern at the Rosales Hospital in El Salvador. He had a very hard and difficult life in the United States, trying to make it in the country known as the “land of milk and honey” just like the rest of the newly arrived immigrants. He had to work numerous odd jobs not close to his line of work to make ends meet.  Nevertheless he always had this continuing idea in his mind and this yearning in his heart eversince, that he wanted to help other people and his fellowmen by developing a unique product and to make it the best in the world to establish a  company and gain financial freedom. Because of his knowledge about the Trophic Factors, his dream turned to an idea and has become a reality after 28 years, creating and establishing the company Neurolife USA Research with its prime star product: Brain NeuroTrophic Factor which help activate these Trophic Factors and NeuroTrophics endogenous of the Central Nervous System. The Company operations began to commence on April 07, 2016 at the Ramada Hotel of the City of El Monte in California. The president and CEO always envisioned a company that truly possesses the knowledge and the capability to  extract a product that will greatly help better humanity, to improve mental health and well being of the human body. At the same time financial success of many families that are going through economic difficulties. Our Slogan ” To Remember is to relive life always “.  On That year the president Carlos Castillo placed his faith in Gods hands and went on to create the company that will reach the trillion mark and with that vision he will pass down to achieve together with his partners. WHO WE ARE? Members/ Integrators of the Company. Carlos Castillo CEO and Founder. MD internal medicine hospital Rosales El Salvador. HE is a professional with dreams and ideals to change the peoples history, to impact their lives, ones health for the better and success in their finances. Carlos Castillo: In Promoting through network marketing, he saw an oppurtunity and envisioned greatly to become the proprietor of his own company. Also to educate those partners from other companies who have not achieved their goals and to realize and accomplish their dreams.